SUPPORT FUND FOR BUCHA SCHOOL, a non-profit organisation working to design and build a school/kindergarten in the city of Bucha (Ukraine), is preparing to welcome a new participant. 2L Architects & Engineers, who have been partners in the design of the school so far, are joining the Fund's participation and decision-making team. 2L Architects & Engineers will contribute its invaluable experience in school construction and will replace Nullus UAB as a founding member of the Fund. The latter's withdrawal was initiated by the mutual agreement of the parties in order to protect the meaningful initiative of the Fund from the reputational risks currently faced by the Nullus' shareholder BaltCap Infrastructure Fond, due to an investigation launched to one of BaltCap's partners. We are pleased that, due to the collegial governance mechanism put in place at the time of the establishment of the SUPPORT FUND FOR BUCHA SCHOOL, the Fund has not suffered any harm and is not part of the investigation.

Due to the withdrawal of Nullus UAB, the SUPPORT FUND FOR BUCHA SCHOOL is no longer eligible for APVA (Aplinkos projektų valdymo agentūra - Environmental Project Management Agency, Lithuania) support under the successful application submitted by Nullus UAB, and therefore the contract between APVA and Nullus UAB has been terminated and, in this context, the amount reserved for the project, but cancelled through no fault of the Fund, will be subtracted from the amount of the donor contributions received to date and the amount of the donors' fixed commitments. On the other hand, we understand that reputation and stability are often more important than the promised subsidies, so we would like to thank the participants of the SUPPORT FUND FOR BUCHA SCHOOL: BT Invest UAB and the public institution 1K fund (VšĮ Vienas K paramos fondas), our partner and new participant 2L Architects & Engineers, who have been actively contributing to our noble cause to date, and those who have supported the fund with their competences, work and funding: Baust architects, hx6n - Hexagon Agency, Panevėžio statybos trestas, Novus Ukraine, FIRST PICK and all donors.

Our sincere thanks goes to all those who donated and believed in meaningful initiative of the SUPPORT FUND FOR BUCHA SCHOOL to build a school fully compliant with the requirements of the Ukrainian law and influenced by the best European solutions and innovations already applied in Lithuania. The school/kindergarten will be energy-efficient, independent of the city's heating network, gas, designed with a solar power plant on the roof of the entire building, geothermal boreholes that will not only provide full heat but also passive cold during the warm season. It will also have a stadium and a bomb shelter, as required in Ukraine, for all the staff and pupils (720 pupils and 160 kindergarten children), which will, among other things, have a number of alternative uses that will allow the use of this part of the building in the day-to-day running of the school/kindergarten.  The school/ kindergarten is planned to be fully finished and equipped and, after commissioning, will be donated to the town of Bucha with all its infrastructure and land plot. We hope that the school project, which has been prepared in accordance with modern requirements, will later be used as a model design for the construction of educational facilities throughout Ukraine.