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Fund’s organizational update

SUPPORT FUND FOR BUCHA SCHOOL, a non-profit organisation working to design and build a school/kindergarten in the city of Bucha (Ukraine), is preparing to welcome a new participant 2L Architects & Engineers.

Progress report

The trust of our partners is our greatest value, so we keep our expenses transparent. You can check our latest report.


Bucha School will level up the educational experience, to help each child reach their full potential.

People from all over the world have united in their will to help Ukraine. We appreciate everyone’s support!


If your company or institution can donate supplies, provide us with discounts and special terms – we are open to every offer!

We are looking for companies and institutions that can help Bucha School project with specific needs

titleBlockImage Windows
titleBlockImage Building materials
titleBlockImage Doors
titleBlockImage Sports equipment
titleBlockImage Furniture
titleBlockImage Security systems
titleBlockImage Solar electrical equipment
titleBlockImage Kitchen equipment
titleBlockImage HVAC equipment
titleBlockImage Covering of sports hall and courts
titleBlockImage Elevators
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